VAWA Compliance Program

Topic Areas Covered:

Forming Healthy Relationships
Dating/Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault
Bystander Intervention


Building Community Program

VAWA Compliance Program PLUS:

Personal Safety
Protecting Your Possessions
Everyday Safety
Common Sense Defense/Active Shooter

Employee Training

This program contains information to educate employees about what constitutes sexual misconduct, how to identify sexual misconduct and when to intervene, and responsibilities and how to report. The program also includes safe and positive options for bystander intervention, as well as risk reduction tips and strategies.

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Training Platform

Each client institution has the opportunity to define key terms and link to campus specific resources, definitions, and policies, thus creating a unique opportunity for customization of the training. Learning assessments, 24x7 access, and in/out privileges allow for the platform to remain an ongoing resource for learners.


Either training program can be hosted by the institution internally or by 360 Stay Safe. Each institution can choose the options that best suits their needs.

Video Modules

This program uses high quality, video based training modules which are fresh, engaging, and culturally relevant. Modules define key terms, provide options for reporting, help students recognize signs of abusive behavior, provide safe and healthy options for intervening; and encourage risk reduction strategies. Videos are closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

Time to Complete

The VAWA compliance program takes 45 minutes to complete; employee compliance takes 25 minutes to complete; and the Building Community program takes an additional 45 minutes to complete.


More than 90% of the program’s content is applicable to all college campuses, including residential and commuter campuses.