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"Stay Safe at College" – the right advice delivered the right way.

A recent survey by the National Center for Victims of Crime found that 25 percent of all female college students surveyed were victims of rape or attempted rape. The Federal Trade Commission predicts that one in four Americans will be a victim of identity theft by 2010. And that’s only the beginning.

The “Stay Safe at College” video is an important step toward helping students take responsibility for their own personal safety and security. Here’s what sets it apart from other programs:

  • It’s credible. Developed by personal and campus safety experts with significant years of experience in security and safety management, this program includes unique elements like psychological insights on stalking and controlling behavior. And it’s been reviewed – and praised – by strategic advisory groups made up of campus public safety officials.
  • It’s new. Filmed in the last year, it addresses today’s threats, such as those that can come from campus shootings, social networking web sites and online communities, identity theft, stalking and more.
  • It’s comprehensive. This program offers help on everything from protecting your stuff to avoiding danger online to handling the creepy guy in the elevator. See what’s covered.
  • It’s captivating and compelling. We use shock value, expert interviews, engaging scenarios – whatever format is best suited for the subject being discussed.
  • It’s relevant and real. Students want to hear from experts and students. We use both. And we use language that’s appropriate and real for today’s campus audiences. 360° Stay Safe™ has been tested, and is proven.
  • It’s convenient. Post the video to your school's Intranet or share with all RAs when you purchase a site license.
  • It’s easy to follow. Interested in just one topic? Only have 10 minutes? The program is broken into chapters – three-to-ten minutes per segment – by demand.
  • It can be customized. Couple the video with a Facilitator’s Guide, an easy-to-use implementation guide that can be customized to particular campus concerns.
  • It’s affordable and accessible. Purchase today with the click of the mouse.

Watch the trailer: