360 Stay Safe Background

Providing a shield of protection in an unsafe world.

In the past generation alone, we have come to see the globalization of fear. Violent crime is on the rise. Our sense of security is at risk. We ask ourselves:

  • When will the next terrorist attack occur?
  • When will the next school shooting take place?
  • How do we help ensure the safety of our college-bound sons and daughters?
  • How can we remain safe when we move to new cities or explore new relationships?

Rodnie Williams, a security and safety management veteran, founded 360° Stay Safe™ to be the solution students, parents and campus public safety leaders are looking for today. Through our products and services, we offer the single, best and most comprehensive source of personal safety information for colleges and universities.

“Stay Safe At College” – Improving campus security and safety for everyone.

In October 2008, 360° Stay Safe launched its “Stay Safe at College” DVD for college and university campuses. This engaging video program covers a wide variety of lifelong safety issues and provides a one-stop source for understanding how crimes are perpetrated, coupled with crime prevention and avoidance techniques. "Stay Safe at College" is the newest and most compelling line of digital content geared towards today's generation of students."