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360 Stay Safe Building Community - Create a Safe and Healthy College Campus

Building Community is an online training program that helps students, faculty and staff create a safe and healthy campus community where they take care of themselves, look out for one another, and make choices for the greater good.

Title IX
Campus SaVE Act
Clery Act
Violence Against Women Act

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360° Stay Safe is the most relevant and comprehensive source of personal safety information for students, parents, children and organizations around the world.

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Fulfill Federal Training Requirements

By implementing Building Community your campus will be empowered with knowledge that motivates them to be proactive for a healthier campus life. The Building Community prevention training includes:

  • Safe and healthy options for intervening
  • Definitions of key terms (like consent, sexual misconduct and sexual assault)
  • Options for reporting
  • Recognizing signs of abusive behavior
  • Primary prevention and awareness

12 Topic Areas

Building Community includes video content for 12 modules. Our 360-Hosted option also includes assessment testing, reporting, and the option for links to campus-specific resources:

  1. Protecting Your Possessions and Identity
  2. Everyday Safety
  3. Common-Sense Defense (including Active Shooter)
  4. Forming Healthy Relationships
  5. Controlling Behavior
  6. Racial Discrimination and Classism
  7. Religious Discrimination
  8. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination
  9. Sexual Misconduct
  10. Sexual Assault
  11. Stalking
  12. Bystander Intervention