Stay Safe at College - a dramatic, new way to reach students

Without the right information and prevention, today’s college students are increasingly at risk in a world where violent crime, school shootings, cyber crime, online stalking, identity theft and more are on the rise. This new video, just released, provides useful, practical information and advice for situations your students face every day. Learn more.

Stay Safe At College

The most important thing you can do as a campus public safety leader is to help students understand that they need to take responsibility for their own personal safety and security. We can help.

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Introducing 360 Stay Safe

360° Stay Safe™ is the most compelling and comprehensive source of personal safety information for students, parents, children and organizations around the world.

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The single-best source of information for personal safety and security on campus, "Stay Safe at College" offers a new way to talk with and engage today's students.

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